Heart Centered Holistic Healing

Healing from Chronic Illness and Lyme Disease

Through Fauman's own deeply personal stories, mindfulness meditation techniques, and thought-provoking exercises, she guides you along the path to healing.
This, she emphasizes, is not an easy path -- It is sometimes rocky, and there are many difficult decisions that you will have to make along the way if you want to get better. But, if you are willing, she will give you the tools to heal yourself and teach you how to nurture your own inner strength. Most of all, she reminds you, you are not alone: You are both on this journey together, and she is there to help you on the way.

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About the Author

Rachel Fauman has always had a deep thirst for healing, ever since she taught herself to meditate at the age of four. For the last ten years, she has used her own experience overcoming Lyme disease to guide clients towards healing themselves and leading a better, healthier life. These clients range from industry leaders in technology and government to artists and activists... and, through this book, you.